10 Must-See Attractions in Perth

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, one of the country’s states. Therefore, this is the first place that tourists go to when looking for must-try tourist attractions and activities. If you want to make your itinerary planning much easier, you can book tourist tours Perth has today. There are several companies that specialise in providing tours to visitors to the city, especially those who want to make the most of their stay.

Tourist tours Perth

If you are looking for the best tourist tours in Perth, these are some of the attractions and activities that you should be keeping a close eye on:

1. Kings Park and Botanic Garden: This 400-hectare park is a must-visit for first-time Perth tourists. This is available for free, which is great for those doing their own tours or are on a budget. This is one of the world’s largest inner city parks so that is another reason to visit.

2. Hillary’s Boat Harbour: When comparing tourist tours Perth currently has to offer, you need to check if a visit to this harbour is part of the itinerary. The harbour provides you with a relaxing view of the luxury cruises launching and stroll the boardwalk filled with many shops, cafes and restaurants.

3. Perth Zoo: If you are travelling with your family, book tourist tours in Perth that includes a stop to this zoo. This zoo houses over 1,300 native and exotic animal species that will leave your kids having fun the entire time!

4. Fremantle: This historic city is one of the must-visit attractions in Perth. Therefore, it is included in historical tourist tours Perth has. You will be accompanied by a tourist guide who will walk you through the key highlights of the city and its history.

5. Swan Bell Tower: This is the largest musical instrument on Earth that is on display in Perth. Make sure you stop by this unique attraction!

6. Adventure World: This is a family-friendly stop in Perth and is also the city’s premier amusement park. You and your kids can enjoy the thrilling rides that are of world-class quality.

7. Shoalwater Islands Marine Park: If you consider yourself a nature lover, this stop in your Perth tour is a must. You will get a chance to see the pristine oceanic conditions in the area or be able to swim with wild bottlenose dolphins.

8. Elizabeth Quay: This is another attraction in Perth that you can access for free. You will find this attraction at the city riverfront wherein you can explore the foreshore paths or indulge in local cuisine at one of the waterfront restaurants.

9. The Pinnacles: This is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Perth and should definitely be included in your tour. With the Pinnacles, you will get to see a glimpse of the vastness of the Western Australian landscape. It is a destination unlike anything you’ve seen before!

10. Swan Valley Region: Perth is also known for its delicious and premium wines. Hence, you need to look for tours that will take you to this region in order to sample some of the region’s best wines. More details at http://www.goldandrelics.com.au/tourist-tours-melbourne-sydney-perth.php