While the lawn mower can keep grass trimmed in your lawn, it’s not a one-size-fits-all tool, as it’s not enough in keeping lawns beautiful and neat. Malnourished patches, grass clippings and yard debris can easily ruin a lawn, and lawn mower is not enough to solve these problems. Adding a mulcher in your arsenal can make a huge difference. It’s a good investment if you want to keep your lawn attractive and healthy. But before you search in ads in newspapers and online stores for different mulchers for sale, you need to understand what this machine does and how your lawn can really benefit from it.


Mulchers For Sale



Let’s start with the obvious question, ‘what is a mulcher?’

A mulcher is a garden or yard equipment composed of metal blades that grind grass and leaves, household compost, acorns, branches, pinecones, and various organic materials into little pieces. These tiny pieces are called mulch, and they can be used to layer surface area of soil to keep its moisture, improve soil’s fertility and health. In simpler terms, it’s a natural nourishing fertilizer for gardens and lawns. Mulchers can be found online and in most brick and mortar stores.


Benefits of Using Mulchers

Mulchers provide a lot of benefits not just for landscapers, homeowners, but more importantly to the environment as well. Obviously, it helps reduce the gardens’ and lawns’ organic waste and minimize the usual household compost piles; it saves us from unpleasant odors associated in most compost piles. Consumers, homeowners in particular, save a lot of money, as they no longer need to purchase sacks of expensive garden fertilizers and lawn mulches. As a matter of fact, experts say that when homeowners buy mulchers, they’re reducing lawn waste for up to 20%.


How Soil Can Benefit from Mulch

Gardens and lawns benefit from mulch in so many ways. By covering the soil, these tiny pieces of organic waste can help soil keep its moisture and protect it from the sun’s scorching heat. It minimizes evaporation and secures constant water supply for the shrubs and plants in your lawn, a very important factor during summer season. This also reduces the need for constantly watering the garden and lawn, helping you save precious water.


Also, mulch deters soil erosion and minimizes sprouting of weeds. It can help protect plants from extremely cold temperature in cold seasons, not just in fall, but even in winter.


Different Sizes of Mulchers

Most stores usually offer different sizes of mulchers. For sale mulchers differ in sizes to fit different sizes and types of lawns and gardens. Smaller units are made for leaves common yard debris. Larger mulchers are usually mounted on trucks, and used in farms, as they’re meant for crushing large branches, tree limbs and brush.


When Searching for Mulchers 

Mulchers also vary in types; there are free-standing mulchers, electric, gas-powered, dual-power models, and even lawn tractor mulcher attachments. When looking for a mulcher for sale, whether online, newspaper ads or through visiting brick-and-mortar stores, make sure you do thorough research to get the right size and type for your lawn.


When searching for mulchers for sale online, it’s always a good idea to read reviews not just about the different brands sizes and types of mulchers for sale, but also the store’s reputation, its feedback rating, payment conditions and return policy. Choose reputable stores that have been in the industry for years. Bigger Boyz Toys for example, has been around since 2006 and now is Australia’s biggest online tool and machinery store.


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