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Some issues in Australia have remained on top of the debates over the past few years. One of them is related to the increased trend of Australian properties being purchased by foreigners, particularly the Chinese. The Federal and State Governments have tried passing legislation limiting the property purchases by foreigners. The general premise is that such indiscriminate buying of properties dents the capability of the local Australian population from owning properties at affordable prices. goes on to discuss this issue in some detail in a recent post. One of the points mentioned in this report is that the house & land package was the preferred property choice of the Chinese investors. Many property buyers from within the country also like this type of property if they can get hold of one.

Designs Matter a Lot

When you drive through a city like Sydney, the first impression might be that most residential units appear similar. Of course, once you leave the apartments out, the rest of the single or double storey houses may give the impression they all look the same. However, this is not the case. Builders have house designs that vary in many respects. They also build houses under different categories. It might not be very obvious or within the knowledge of all ordinary home buyers that builders position the house packages at different levels.

Pick Your Choices of Bedrooms and Add-ons

In each range of these designs, there may be a choice of 2 to 4 or even 5 bedrooms and the number of bathrooms will also vary. And then the builders offer a few add-ons; these can include the addition of a study or a lounge or Alfresco in the side or rear and so on. Take your pick and then finalise the design. The particular builder might have built units with these additions and an inspection of such display homes can also add to your information on the subject.

Land Block also added

But in the Australian property scene, the house & land package option is what provides the maximum attraction to the typical home buyer. The buyer feels that once the land block, however, small or big is his or her own, then many things become easy as far as the future is concerned. There is a sense of independence. When the buyer builds a home with the help of the builder and starts living in it, some years down the line, the family may expand and space might be insufficient. At that time, it becomes easy to do any modification to accommodate the expanding family. There would not be any need to sell the property and buy a larger one elsewhere and so on. This is obvious from the number of enquiries the builders in Sydney or any other major city get for knock down rebuild costs. This is by people who would have purchased their properties may be around 20 years back and their need for a rebuild has occurred now.

The current home buyers’ preference for the house & land package has to be seen in this perspective. So get across to the nearest builder or better still visit an online resource like and understand the different categories of properties you can invest in and then take the final decision to own a home.

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