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Most new home builders Perth companies like provide ask future homeowners this question: do you prefer a 1-storey house, or a 2-storey one? There are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to building wide versus building tall. If you are building your first home from the ground up, and don’t know which option to go for, here’s a handy guide that lists all the consideration for both options to help you with your decision.


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According to 2 storey home builders in Perth, building tall is best for small and narrow properties. Because you’re stacking floors, you’re actually maximizing the lot area. By adding an extra floor, you’re doubling your available living space. However, this doesn’t mean that if you have lots of space, you’re more likely to build a 1 storey house. Even large lot owners prefer to have 2 storeys on their home so they can make the most out of each square foot.


Privacy or Accessibility?


In terms of privacy, 2 storey homes are the best. Since most 2 storey home builders in Perth WA build bedrooms on the floor, it isolates the bedroom area from the rest of the house, creating a private and quiet zone. The family can entertain guests on the first floor, specifically the living room and dining area, while the second floor is more relaxed and peaceful.


However, with privacy comes the loss of accessibility. Housewives may prefer 1 storey homes because everything is easier to get to. Imagine a full day’s work of washing clothes, washing the dishes, sweeping, ironing and cooking. If you own a 2 storey house, this might mean going up and down the stair several times a day, which could get very tiring. With a 1 storey house, each room is just a few steps away from the other.




When new home builders Perth has now encounter clients with a disability, they often suggest a 1 storey home. This shouldn’t be taken as demeaning as it’s only practical. If you or anyone in your family has certain physical constraints, then having a second floor could get very inconvenient, maybe even dangerous. The same is true for households with kids. One storey houses are considered more child-friendly because going up and down the stairs unattended can be risky for children, even with handrails present.




When it comes to great home design, builders in Perth say that both options have their own merits. Having a 2-storey house gives you an opportunity to build a balcony overlooking your yard. It could also mean spending extra time beautifying your staircase because it is a focal point in most 2 storey homes. With 1 storey homes, you can use extra space where the stairs should have been for something more productive. It also opens you up to the possibility of high ceilings and skylights.


No matter which path you choose, what’s important is you choose the best new home builders Perth has to offer. Great home builders will take all the advantages of the choices you make and ensure that you get to enjoy those benefits fully. For more information on what home builders can do for you, check out

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